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FLYING Star 2015

2015  wood goat year

Using the Farmers calendar  2015 is the wood goat year.  Last year we had the the wood horse year. 
This chinese calendar was in the past used mainly for agricultural purpose so the farmers know when to

plant or harvest their crops, the rainy season, insect season, dry season, full moon etc. 

The chinese use it to tell the passage of time and also to predict and foresee the future or to see the character of a particular individual. 

This year we have GOAT year commencing February 4  @ 12.12pm  2015
Hour              day                   month                year
Wood           metal                  earth                 wood
Horse             pig                     tiger                  goat
Jia wu          shin  hai              wu  yin                 yi wei
From the above you can see in this years bazi there is not one water to be found but ther is a yang water hidden in the 3rd pillar of the pig. 

This chart for this year contains mostly wood.  This could mean that this year like last year dry but not as hot and

also could mean forestry or clothing or agriculture will be in the forefront news.

The flying star for this year has the central palace with the 3 in it.

The central Palace is 3 indicating more talks and discussions at home or on international front.  Last year the sickness star 2 was in the east.  So the east had a lot of bad luck with more plane crashes and disasters coming from the east and south east eg south east asia.  This year another prominent sickness star is in the west.  So this year this could indicate the west is going to have some misfortune more hurricanes, droughts, plane disasters.

The very good and fortunate sector for this year is the north.  If your office or your company entrance is in the north this could be your best year.  The heavier and busier the entrance the better.  If not no worries, put a fan and make sure it stays on at least 2 hours a day to generate and move this good chi.

To encourage your children to study put an eagle statue  or an amytheist globe  or any purple color globe about 4 inches  in the north west sector of 4 in conjunction with auspicious dates.  You will be amazed and pleasant at the way your little ones will start to put their nose to their books.  And the distinctions they will come back with!

The sickness star is 2 and 5 in the west and in the south east.  Both sickness starts are earth based so to cure it put lots of plants to deplete its energy  and try not to use these sectors.

The chinese calendar repeats itself every 60 years.  The goat is generally a money year because goats are industrious, very money conscious and you will notice most goats are also very cautious with money  i.e. stingy!  - the goat is also known as the “graveyard” sign that means once it goes in it does not come out. It hoards and keep.In the goat year everyone becomes more money savvy.  The last time this wood goat occurred in 1955 – that year we also had a lot of economic happenings:-

1955   - wood goat year

McDonalds started its fast food chain
Bhutan produced its first postage stamp
“Millionaire” and “$64,000 Question” started premiering on CBS in the U.S.
First Factory set up to produce man made diamonds.
Indian Bank got Nationalized.
NYSE had its worst decline since 1929
General Motors is  the first US corporation to hit over $1 Billion.

In the  bazi for this year we have a small metal and a big earth sandwiched between two woods.  Metal could have a good year going up easily in the first 6 months and struggle in the latter six.  Property may be slow in the first 6 months and a bit better later on.  I don’t see oil improving much this year but it can be a good investment in 2017.   Books, clothes, boutiques, data, information, i.t. can continue to do well.
Those born in the rat year especially the fire rat will meet noble men ie people who want to help them.  This year is not good for those with an earth ox in their chart as that can mean that there will be many trials and tribulations namely unpleasant change of job or residence.  For a female who is born in earth ox year it can mean a serious suitor is coming after you.  For those born in horse, pig or rabbit, this is an easy year.  For the goat they say it means offending the year – but for the goat it just means doing whatever is not so easy as there are many competitors abound.